What happens, if only electrical vehicles will exists?

As is said by Janssens “You can see whether there is a risk of energy shortages in certain zones when a given number of vehicles are being charged. For example, if too many EVs are charged at the same time, is there a risk that the street lighting will go out?” in the news of EU: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-agenda/en/news/data-sim-what-happens-if-we-all-drive-electrical-vehicles

In continuation of these article “These answers will provide useful information for policy-makers, to reinforce the network in those specific locations or to re-design the charging point locations”

So, for the Shopping centers (like demo-site in EcoShopping project) it could be next asset to perform holistic retrofitting solutions, in order to approach the market of electric-vehicle, receiving more customers every day for charging EVs!


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