New version of EcoShopping website is available!

New version of EcoShopping website is available!….. The EcoShopping website which is the “vehicle” to explain to the widest audience the project’s aims and objectives and to disseminate information about project activities and results. The website is also the repository of any publicity may have been created, journal articles and publications, and the information channel for any planned meeting and conference, possibly also linked to social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Eight ways the construction industry can rebuild itself for the 21st century

In a recent construction-industry survey conducted for the World Economic Forum, with more than 100 respondents, 77% of respondents agreed that the industry is not doing enough to attract and retain talent, and not one of the respondents fully agreed that the industry is investing enough in recruitment.

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Handbook for the introduction of BIM by the European Public Sector

This handbook responds to the growing challenges faced by governments and public clients to stimulate economic growth and competitiveness while delivering value for public money through the wider introduction of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

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Energy efficiency becomes more important in the office real estate market

A study (in German) from the German Energy Agency-Dena, based on a survey among decision makers of 20 important office building investors and 20 major renters of office areas in Germany has resulted in sustainability and energy efficiency becoming more and more important; yet the main decision criteria are still economic. The investors aim at high building values and low operation costs and high renting demand. These are the main reasons for the energy renovation of their buildings. The users on the other hand see environment and sustainability aspects as part of the culture of their organisation and therefore as benefit to their image.

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